Today's Practical Way for Small Businesses to Advertise Their Products and Services

Flex Media Solutions places your ad right in front of your customers' eyes at their point of purchase in real time, Flex Media Solutions places digital signage in the hands of small business owners who need to compete with big businesses. We have crafted practical and affordable digital signage campaigns for small businesses, franchisers, doctors, dentists, retailers. Digital signage, dynamic signage, is all over the place department stores, airports, banks, hotels, convenience stores and elsewhere.restaurants, hotels, insurance companies, super markets, and entrepreneurs like you.

Digital signage can take on many forms. In the most generic sense, it is simply a dynamic sign which displays digital media files to a public audience. Flex Media Solutions employs a network internet connection to deliver rich media content to digital displays, including projectors, LEDs, LCDs, or plasma screens. Networked servers can be employed to deliver the content on a predetermined schedule, allowing users to strategically target audiences in specific locations from a central control center to any display across the globe. You?

As a technology, digital signage is used to power screens at transportation hubs, entertainment galas, hospitals, and corporate buildings. Many restaurants also employ sign software to power digital menu boards. In the advertising community, digital signage is often referred to as digital out-of-home advertising and has helped many retail establishments in building brand awareness and promoting products directly at the point-of-sale.

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The applications and possible uses for digital signage are immense and not beholden to one particular industry. Because the technology involves technical expertise sprinkled with a little bit of creative flare, the sky is literally the limit as to how and what applications are best suited for a deployment of digital sign software and hardware.

While the uses are vast, typical markets include any business or organization with the inherent need to communicate messages in a timely way to customers, employees and staff. Doing so digitally can be a powerful tool of expanding your reach for marketing and communicating a message.

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